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FAQs - Common Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, designed to address common questions and provide valuable information. Contact us if you have questions that we haven't addressed here. 

What is a notary public?

A notary public is a government-appointed official who verifies document signings and administers oaths.

Which documents require notarization?

Wills, trusts, real estate transactions and legal agreements often require notarization.

How is identity verified?

Notaries verify identity with government-issued IDs such as driver's licenses, state ID's or passports.

Do all signatures need notarization?

No, typically only signatures in certain transactions or legal agreements require notarization.

Can any document be notarized?

No, not all documents can be notarized, and some jurisdictions have restrictions.

Must both parties be present?

Yes, both parties must be present if they are both required to have their signatures notarized. 

Can a notary refuse service?

Yes, notaries can refuse service if they suspect fraud or if proper identification is lacking. Newport Notary and Document Services, LLC reserves the right to refuse service based on local law.

Can notaries provide legal advice?

Notaries are not authorized to provide legal guidance; their responsibilities are confined to confirming identities and attesting signatures. I am not a licensed attorney and cannot engage in the practice of law, including offering advice on legal issues, such as immigration, or charging fees for such services.

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